Wanna Add More Taste?

  The Secret of Nutritional Yeast It is called ‘nutritional yeast’, but it’s not yeast – or at least, not exactly. It has a cheesy taste, but there’s no cheese in it. They are golden flakes with a taste similar to something between nutty and cheesy. If you have decided to eliminate dairy products from…

Seasonal choices

Get their very best from fruit and vegetables!
They say fruit and veggies taste better when they are eaten in season. Not only that, actually, it is also better value, as well as better for the planet.

How to get ready for autumn

Summer is ending, what can we do to be ready to welcome the autumn? Actually, a lot! And it’s just a matter of small and easy actions.

Trash is for tossers! A zero waste lifestyle

Her name is Lauren Singer, and she’s here to change the world, she decided to make a change, stopping producing trash. Inspired by the experience of Bea Johnson who has been living a zero waste lifestyle since 2008, Lauren felt she was ready to follow her example.